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With the world facing a pandemic, the outbreak of the coronavirus has immensely impacted numerous businesses. This situation made numerous businesses suffer. However, at the same time, it has taught them to navigate through the ‘new normal’. The crisis indeed has proved the desperate need of digitalisation in every business.

Shutting down of conventional shops became the gateway for industries to move into the digital space. Even essential businesses like grocery shopping, vegetables, medicals, and dairies had no option but to go online. The market movers were the ones who could not only revive their businesses but also capture new markets.

During these times, there was a strong demand from business to change how they cater to their customers. Proactive businesses were more than successful as they adopted the newer ways of business and tried to retain the empire they had built.

At the same time, there have also been instances where businesses that were not reactive to this change have suffered. For businesses like such, we would suggest to simply pull up your socks and adapt to the social distancing aka digital way of life.

Moving Digital:

According to a survey, between 14th March to 14th of April, six million users downloaded their bank’s app for the first time. This showcases the transition of users between platforms.

Now this online market required digital strategies to run. Digital strategizing and creativity turned out to be the perfect recipe for it. Retailers started new offerings for e-commerce and also brought in the concept of ‘contact-less’ delivery and ‘curb-side’ pickup service.

However, like any other trend, digital is also now common. One of the only ways that the latecomers can react to this is through delivering great experiences and offering value to their users.

A user-friendly online shopping experience requires a good UX! That’s where businesses can let UX of their platform have the driving seat. Making the layouts of websites simpler and sober with easy checkout at carts and seamless loading of platforms can become a catalyst.

UX improvements can also bring in new customers who had different needs and behaviour as compared to old customers. Adding more to this, optimizing content and SEO backlinks accelerated the entire process of buying and selling in the Covid crisis for the first-movers.

Apart from the consumer goods industry, educational organizations turned this challenge into an opportunity. Some created a two-month webinar schedule and mailed it to their members. So, members who intended to attend just one webinar ended up attending at least two to three webinars.

Thus, irrespective of the business an intelligent enterprise should be based on analyzed decision-making, techno-savvy and customer-orientation. Also, the ability to have dynamic self-management should not be ignored. The pandemic has urged several industries to introduce a human-machine business model in order to have a continual adaption.

Thus, the ‘new normal’ has indeed changed the functioning of the market place making it easier for businesses to serve customers.

Originally published at on August 6, 2020.




Writer ,SEO Expert, Digital PR, Social Media Expertise,Actor

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Prabodhan P

Prabodhan P

Writer ,SEO Expert, Digital PR, Social Media Expertise,Actor

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